• Virtual Desktop Win R3 UK

Virtual Desktop for Developers or Marketers:
UK Data Center

+ What is the Virtual Computer?
Virtual Computer or Virtual Desktop is a computer that's physically exists in the country you chose to buy from, for example: US, Canada, Netherlands... etc

+ Why I May Need It?
If you are a developer want to test your application or you want to discover a website that isn't allowed in your area or a digital marketer, you may need to use a Virtual Desktop.

+ How Much Is Virtual Computer Going To Cost Me?
You can own a Virtual Computer for a mere $2.99 

If you are a developer, digital marketer or whoever wants to test something in the digital world, you can get access to this virtual computer!

Access_Level  root/admin
Data_Center  UK
Ram2 GB
Bandwidth2000 GB
Period30 Days

This is a Ready-To-Use machine, all you have to do is only:
Login and start your work

While you have a full administration access to this virtual computer you can install any application you want to use.

How to connect?

Very easy steps:
After purchasing this product you'll get an IP and the administrator password through your email

To connect: use your preferred RDP like Windows Remote Desktop in your local machine

Write IP, User name: (administrator), click Connect and enter Password. That's it

How to control your virtual computer (V-PC)?

While you have root/administrator password you have full permissions to control your V-PC
Also you will get another admin panel to control physical actions like: Power on/off, Reboot, bandwidth...etc.

Want to customize something else?
More IP, Data Center or anything please Contact Us

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Virtual Desktop Win R3 UK

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