• Virtual Desktop Linux R1 US

Virtual Desktop for Developers or Marketers:
US Data Center

+ What is the Virtual Computer?
Virtual Computer or Virtual Desktop is a computer that's physically exists in the country you chose to buy from, for example: US, Canada, Netherlands... etc

+ Why I May Need It?
If you are a developer want to test your application or you want to discover a website that isn't allowed in your area or a digital marketer, you may need to use a Virtual Desktop.

+ How Much Is Virtual Computer Going To Cost Me?
You can own a Virtual Computer for a mere $2.99 

If you are a developer, digital marketer or whoever wants to test something in the digital world, you can get access to this virtual computer!

Access_Level  root
Data_Center  US
Ram512 MB
Bandwidth500 GB
Period15 Days

This is a Ready-To-Use machine, all you have to do is only:
Login and start your work

Pre-installed apps:

  • xfce: is a lightweight GUI (Graphic User Interface) environment that allows you to manage your files, apps and browsing the internet visually.
  • Firefox browser installed on xfce.
However: while you have a full root access to this virtual computer you can install any application you want to use.

Grab your virtual desktop and learn How to use remote desktop to connect 

How to connect?
Very easy steps:
After purchasing this product you'll get the root password through your email

To connect you have to use a SSH client connection in your local machine like PuTTY 

If you want to use xfce environment you have to use a VNC software in your local machine like TightVNC

If you're not familiar with SSH or VNC watch the above video

How to control your virtual computer (V-PC)?

While you have root/administrator password you have full permissions to control your V-PC
Also you will get another admin panel to control physical actions like: Power on/off, Reboot, bandwidth...etc.

Want to customize something else?
More IP, Data Center or anything please Contact Us

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Virtual Desktop Linux R1 US

  • Product Code: VPC001189
  • $2.99